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If you’ve ever struggled with mindset work, this article will help you understand why mindset work is important, the science behind it, and how to implement it especially into your business. Your mindset can make or break your business, so find out how to scale your business with doing mindset work and create the mind blowing results you have been working towards.

What do you have in common with Oprah?

Or, better yet, what do early stage entrepreneurs that are just launching their businesses & aspiring to quit their 9 to 5s have in common with multi million dollar business owners who have already built an empire and are changing the world?

No matter who you are, what stage of business you’re in, and what goals you’re aspiring to achieve, your next level of success depends on one thing, and one thing only:

Your ability to take the right actions that will grow your business!

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But let’s go a level deeper.

Your ability to do the above depends on what you believe about yourself, what’s possible for you, and what’s required to create the life and business of your dreams.

This isn’t some motivational, you can do anything, you go girl kind of post, so sit tight. 

This is an article to demonstrate how your mindset will literally make or break your business success.

I’m going to explain the science behind mindset work and how to do it in a way that actually works (beyond the silly affirmations).

You’ll walk away with practical strategies to take your business to the next level by creating the head space to take massive action toward your goals.

Why is mindset work so important?

If you are unwaveringly confident in your ability to create success, you will do what it takes to get where you want to go.

But, if deep down you harbor any limiting beliefs, you’ll self sabotage.

mindset routine, mindset practice, how to start a mindset routine for business success, business growth, scale your side hustle, solopreneur, entrepreneur

Common limiting beliefs all entrepreneurs face

I work with ambitious entrepreneurs who are all looking to achieve more in life and business.

What I see come up time and time again is some version of the following limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs about time

  • I don’t have enough time to ___ (start a business while I’m still in my job)
  • It’s going to take too long to ___ (build a business that generates enough revenue for me to quit my 9 to 5)

Limiting beliefs about money

  • I can’t afford to ___ (invest in a coach that will help me grow a thriving business, so I’ll choose to spend hours consuming free resources and wasting my time instead)
  • Making a lot of money is ___ (really freaking hard, money doesn’t come easily to me, making money means I’ll have to pay more taxes and that’s really complicated)

Limiting beliefs about what’s required to create success

  • I’m going to have to sacrifice ___ (all of my free time if I want to start/grow my business)
  • It’s going to be really hard to ___ (hit this goal of $100,000 this year)
  • Successful people don’t ___ (ask for support, they do it all on their own)

Limiting beliefs about yourself

  • I don’t have what it takes to ___ (run a thriving business, make my own money, be an entrepreneur)
  • I don’t know ___ (what I’m doing; who my ideal client is; where to focus in my business)
  • I always ___ (give up when things get hard)
  • I never ___ (follow through)

I could go on and on — I’ve literally heard it all after years of coaching entrepreneurs with big dreams and big fears.

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These, and a thousand variations of these, are the exact thoughts that are keeping you from creating your next level of success in your business – whether that’s signing your first client or going beyond 6 figures.

mindset routine, mindset practice, how to start a mindset routine for business success, business growth, scale your side hustle, solopreneur, entrepreneur

Why we cringe at the mention of mindset

If you’ve been in the personal growth or entrepreneurial space for any amount of time, you’ve likely come across mindset work in some form, and you’ve either developed a passion for it and are religiously committed to your mindset practice, or…

You have a love/hate relationship with mindset work, are skeptical that it “works” and think it’s a bit too woo woo to get behind.

I get it, I’ve totally been there.

As a strategy oriented, task focused human who lives and breathes checklists & spreadsheets… mindset work was a stretch for me in my business. I just couldn’t get behind it. 

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And that’s because the industry has painted mindset work in a negative light. Most “mindset gurus” have created this misconception that you can say nice things into a mirror like “I am so amazing!” and a million dollars will appear out of thin air.

Along with that comes the belief that “mindset coaches” will tell you to sit on your *ss, think happy thoughts, and journal your problems away… and if you can just sit and picture your ideal self long enough & hard enough, you’ll magically change.

That’s just not how it works, folks, and it has a lot of people avoiding THE VERY THING that’s going to help them hit their goals.

Why we gravitate toward strategy in business instead

Capitalism has instilled the belief that you have to work really hard to create success. The American Dream literally dangles freedom in front of your face in exchange for your hard work, perseverance, grit, determination, and never ending sacrifice to the vision.

I’ll kindly blow your mind and let you know that the belief that you have to work really hard to create success is ALSO holding you back a lesson I learned when I started creating multiple five figure months ($30K) a year into business working only 10-20 hours a week. Success doesn’t have to be hard!

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The reason I’m shining light on this (and why I’m so transparent with the financial behind the scenes of my business) is so that you can use it as evidence that creating success in your business does not have to be hard.

Nor are you missing anything.

Traditional business gurus will tell you you’re missing a secret strategy to hitting your growth goals.

You either need another course, or a secret framework, or a specific technology, or a fancy sales funnel in order to get those clients knocking on your door.

If you’re secretly feeling a lack of confidence in your ability to succeed, or a fear of uncertainty regarding what will happen when you step outside your comfort zone, your brain is going to gravitate toward these secret strategies instead of trusting that you’re already on the right path.

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But you don’t need more strategies, more tools, or more templates. What you need is a success oriented mindset to explode your business growth.

mindset routine, mindset practice, how to start a mindset routine for business success, business growth, scale your side hustle, solopreneur, entrepreneur

The secret to success in your business

There are 2 sides to the mindset/strategy spectrum, the side that believes that business strategy and calculated, methodical action is the only thing you need to hit your business goals (and mindset doesn’t matter)

and the opposite side which believes that you can manifest anything you want by journaling, visualizing, and saying affirmations often enough (and strategy doesn’t make a difference).

The reality is, the key to success in your business falls somewhere in the middle.

Both strategy AND mindset work are CRITICAL to creating the life & business of your dreams.

You have to have in place a crystal clear action plan and a sustainable strategy that works FOR YOU and directly ties into your goals – strategy is absolutely important. 

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But the best strategy in the world won’t work for you if your mindset isn’t supporting your growth goals.

Mindset will literally make or break your business.

The science behind mindset work

Let’s back it up to the 17th century when Rene Descartes (the guy who said “I think, therefore I am”) and Isaac Newton (you know, the guy who discovered gravity was a thing) put forth scientific theories that said the universe is controlled by predictable laws (like scientific equations, physics, mathematics, that sort of thing).

The funny thing is, because the mind didn’t match those predictable laws, they swept it under the rug under the premise that BECAUSE it doesn’t fall under those laws, it’s not subject to scientific inquiry (and so the large portion of studying the mind fell to religion).

For hundreds of years, the world operated under the assumption that all things are solid (down to the very structure of an atom – if you can remember your middle school science class with the styrofoam nucleus & toothpicks holding out electrons, you’ll know what I mean).

Albert Einstein rocks the universe

Then, comes Albert Einstein with this famous equation E=mc^2 (E being energy, and M being matter/mass) and shatters the minds of anyone who’s paying attention, revealing that mass and energy are the same physical entity. 

Which directly contradicts the idea that matter (physical, solid things in the objective world) are separate from energy.


Still following me?

This exploded a field of science called quantum physics (the study of matter and energy) and scientists who pursued this path found out THE SECRET to your business success.

They flipped the toothpick and styrofoam ball model on its head and discovered that an atom is actually a tiny nucleus and a massive electron cloud, where the electrons behave in unpredictable and unusual ways (disappearing, reappearing, showing up all over the place) UNTIL an observer focuses attention on any location of any one electron… at which point it APPEARS.

In other words, electrons don’t exist as solid matter at a particular place at a particular time – instead they are manifested by the person observing them. (Read more about this in Joe Dispenza’s, Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself!)

And so, that’s how we know that matter and energy are one and the same, and that you, yes you, can impact your external reality with the way you think and feel.

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Our thoughts ARE energy (the electrical impulses the brain generates can be measured by machines like the EEG) and they affect our reality.

Still skeptical? Here’s a tangible example of how this works.

Cellular biologist Glen Rein, PhD did a scientific experiment where he asked healers to hold test tubes of DNA suspended in deionized water, and those who produced positive feelings (focused on gratitude, joy, love) AND held an intention to wind or unwind the DNA were able to wind or unwind the DNA strand by as much as 25% in 2 minutes!! 

Wait, what? They CHANGED DNA with their thoughts and feelings? Baffling.

I’m trying to teach you quantum physics in 2 paragraphs, but basically, this means that your thoughts MATTER.

If you want to create different results in your life and business, it STARTS with your thoughts.

mindset routine, mindset practice, how to start a mindset routine for business success, business growth, scale your side hustle, solopreneur, entrepreneur

Why mindset work matters

If you’ve failed to achieve goals in your life, 80% of the time it has more to do with your beliefs about why your life is the way it is, then with anything else.

If you believe entrepreneurship is risky & unsafe and you’re not cut out for it, you’re not going to succeed no matter how many certifications you get or different strategies you try.

If you believe you’re always going to be overweight and exercising is really hard, you’re not going to see those pounds come off!

And that’s because your thoughts directly affect the results you see in your life.

Your thoughts create your feelings. Your feelings create your actions. Your actions create your results. If you’re not getting the results you want in your business, it’s because you’re not taking the right kind of action because of the way you feel, which is caused by how you think.

Note: NOT because you don’t have the right strategy, but because you FEEL you don’t have the right strategy, because you’re always THINKING “it must be more complicated than this, I’m missing something, it isn’t working.”

A practical example in your business might be around hitting $10K this month, or bringing in $1,000,000 this year.

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If your thoughts sound something like: $10K is impossible, $100,000 will take a really long time, this will require a lot of hard work, nobody is actually going to buy from me, etc. you’re going to feel a lot of resistance, and a lack of motivation to take the kind of action that would get you there… the actions you end up taking will be to NOT show up consistently in your business and sell your offers and the result will be that you don’t hit your goal

This is why I’m saying, it doesn’t matter if you’ve outlined the best damn strategy in the world, if you consciously or unconsciously think it isn’t going to work, or you can’t make it happen, or you don’t deserve that success, you will not see the result.

It’s as simple as that.

Having a clear strategy that works for you in your business IS important & it’s a big part of the work I do with my private 1:1 coaching clients as I help them quantum leap their business growth.

But it’s not the make or break. The foundation of every result in your life comes down to your thoughts, your beliefs, and your feelings. As much as we like to avoid those things, they matter.

mindset routine, mindset practice, how to start a mindset routine for business success, business growth, scale your side hustle, solopreneur, entrepreneur

How to do mindset work the right way – my secret framework

When I introduce my coaching clients to mindset work, there can be a bit of resistance. They tell me “saying “I’m awesome” in the mirror while pumping my fist in the air makes me feel ridiculous, superficial, and like a fraud.”

And that’s because that’s NOT how mindset work works.

Here’s the right way to do mindset work, which has produced wild results for me in my own life (it’s THE thing that allowed me to hit $30K months 1 year into my business), and for my clients who are building thriving businesses and living fulfilling lives.

2 components to mindset work

There are two parts to mindset work, the deep inner mindset work that helps you overcome your limiting beliefs, and the consistent maintenance mindset work that helps you ingrain new patterns of thought into your brain.

Deep inner mindset work

This is the process of uncovering limiting beliefs you weren’t aware you had, learning about those limiting beliefs and getting curious about where they stem from, what evidence your brain has for them, and how they’ve affected your life to date, and then working through them by choosing alternate beliefs that serve you in pursuit of your goals.

The most powerful way to do this is with the support of a coach who can help you see your thoughts objectively, point out the things you believe to be true that are actually not facts, and help you shift your perspective.

I’d love to support you with this, so book in a time for us to chat and we can identify what’s holding you back and how you can work through it to create wild results in your life or business.

The other way to do this deep inner mindset work is to use a journal to make your thoughts more tangible (by getting them down on paper) and working through them objectively yourself. 

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This is trickier because you’re caught up in your own stories and might have a hard time seeing your thoughts for what they are (just thoughts) rather than a representation of your reality, but it’s definitely a good starting point!

I have a really powerful exercise I do with my private coaching clients that I would love to share with you to help you figure out the biggest beliefs that are holding you back from the growth you want in your business, so that you can get out of your own way and hit those goals!

You get instant access when you join our email community, and we are all excited to support you in creating the future of your dreams!

You’ll get access to many resources exclusively for members, helping you define and start to work through those limiting beliefs so that you’re not only aware of what’s holding you back, but you can get to a place where it’s no longer standing in your way and you’re crushing your biggest goals.

Maintenance mindset work

The other component that’s essential to supplement the deep inner work, is the maintenance work.

Because your brain runs on autopilot, it chooses to think the thoughts you’ve always thought in order to save energy and stay within its comfort zone. But the thing you’ve got to remember is that your thoughts are still a choice.

You CAN choose to think differently (so that you start to feel differently, take the right kind of action, and create mind blowing results in your life and business).

But you have to REWIRE your brain (which is quite a process, as you might imagine) through repetition.

Every time you repeat an action, you reinforce neural pathways in your brain (the connections between different neurons). Repetition reinforces these circuits in your brain and forms more neural connections. Eventually, your new neural pathway is easier to follow than the old, and you naturally gravitate to it.

For example, I used to think “I’m not creative.” After rewiring my brain, that belief just doesn’t ring true for me anymore (it would be like saying I don’t have arms).

Affirmations, journaling, visualization, meditation, etc. are all tools to help you repeat thoughts that support a new belief you’ve created in your deep inner work.

mindset routine, mindset practice, how to start a mindset routine for business success, business growth, scale your side hustle, solopreneur, entrepreneur

Done on their own, they feel fraudulent and cause us to dismiss mindset work as a load of crap.

Done as part of a process to rewire your brain they are very effective tools in getting you the results you want to see in your life because they create the repetition your brain needs to start thinking differently.

Remember, you’ve spent years thinking the way you’re currently thinking, so you’re not going to change your thoughts or your life overnight.

Putting in place a sustainable mindset maintenance practice and committing to it consistently is what’s going to create the personal transformation you need to make to BECOME the kind of person who creates the results you’re aspiring to.

I spend an hour on my mindset every morning because I’ve seen the insane results it creates in my business. 

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All you need to start seeing results in your business right away is 5 minutes a day put toward proactively mastering your mindset.

Now that you know the science behind mindset work (the thoughts you think are made up of the same thing as the objects in your external environment) and understand why it’s so important to master your mindset (so that you can take the kind of action that will allow you to grow a thriving business and live a fulfilling life), it’s time to do the work.

Create awareness around your thoughts and ask yourself “what am I thinking about myself and my ability to create results in my business? What do I believe needs to be true to create those results?” 

Instead of asking yourself what you need to do differently to succeed in business, ask yourself “how can I think, feel, and act differently to achieve my goals?” 

I’d love to support you with doing this work, because overcoming your limiting beliefs isn’t exactly something you can DIY, so if you’re ready to start creating wild results in your business, book in a time to chat with me about what’s holding you back and what it might look like for you to get the support you need to grow a thriving business that you love. 

I’d love to hear from you so comment below, have you done mindset work before? What has your experience been? I’m happy to answer any questions you have too!

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