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Eager to grow your business / side hustle, quit your full time job, and bring in 6 figures? Wondering what’s really going to get you from struggling solopreneur to badass business owner? Tried all the strategies, tips, and tricks you could Google and still aren’t seeing the kind of business growth and success you’re chasing? I’m sharing the one thing that took my business from 1K months to 30K months in less than 16 weeks and breaking down EXACTLY what kept me stuck in my business for the longest time and HOW I created record breaking income months on repeat.

What’s the ONE thing that quantum leaped my business from 1K months to 30K months?

Business success is multi-faceted and can hardly be attributed to ONE thing…

But if I had to pick, it would be pretty hard to ignore the fact that the very same month I invested in a business mentor and success coach, I started hitting record breaking income months over and over again.

If you want to roll your eyes a little bit at that fact, that is A-OK.

I did the same thing every time I saw some online entrepreneur tout $30K months while I was slaving away at a 9 to 5 that brought in $30K a year.

(It’s totally normal to feel triggered by people that are doing the very thing you haven’t summoned the courage to do quite yet.)

But my mission is to support you in creating a life and business that you love, and so I’m going to keep it real and help you see exactly why I was able to scale my business so quickly.

The first time I invested in a coach, I hit my very first 5 figure month the next day. It was wild and felt like a fluke (we hadn’t even had a call yet!) but I now know just how powerful that energetic commitment to yourself and your dreams really is.

Looking back, it’s easy to say “man, I should have invested in a coach earlier” — but at the time I was trapped under a lot of my own limiting beliefs.

Curious WHY I was so resistant to hiring my own coach, how that held me back in my business, and what changed for me to be able to grow my business 30x in revenue?

Dropping the top 3 objections I felt around coaching (as a coach!) and why they were totally BS.

If you’re debating getting support to grow your business but you’re having any of the same thoughts I had – you’re not alone!

I don’t want you to miss the ABUNDANCE of opportunity on the other side of those limiting beliefs so let’s explore what it looked like when I finally jumped outside my comfort zone and took that next step, so that you can make the right decision for yourself – whatever that looks like!

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The top 3 objections I had to coaching & why they were BS

“I should be able to do this myself – what kind of coach needs a coach to help grow her business?”

It took me over a year of running my business before I finally bit the bullet and invested in my own business coach.

I was concerned that “asking for help” meant I wasn’t good enough to do this on my own.

In a society that values individualism, it was wildly uncomfortable for me to raise my hand and say ‘hello – I could use some support with growing my business to six figures.’ 

Now, I firmly believe everyone should have a coach (and not just because I am a coach, because I certainly didn’t think it was for everyone before!)

You have so much untapped potential inside yourself and it’s hard to uncover it when you’re trapped in your own self sabotaging patterns of behavior and buried under your own limiting beliefs.

  • When you’re putting in ALL THE HOURS into your side hustle but it’s not growing at the pace you want, it’s hard to objectively analyze where things are going downhill.
  • When you’re ready for a change in direction in your career but you have no idea where to start, it’s hard to decode your passions, skills, and values and how they fit together into the career / business of your dreams.
  • When you’re just starting out with your business, it’s hard to figure out where to focus your time and energy to grow your business quickly, and it’s hard to push yourself to do the scary things that are going to get you the results you want!

You don’t NEED a coach. You are 100% capable of succeeding on your own (and any coach who tells you otherwise is wrong!)

But if you want to achieve your wildest life and business goals faster, in a way that feels easier, having someone in your corner who has created the kind of life you aspire to live is the best way to bypass newbie mistakes and quantum leap your success.

If you’re tying your worth to being able to succeed all on your own, you’re limiting yourself.

Ask yourself, “if I gave myself permission to seek support, how much faster could I get better?”

grow your business, online business tips, how to grow your business, how to quantum leap your business 30X, how to grow your side hustle and quit your 9 to 5, what is coaching, why should I hire a business coach, why isn't my business growing

This is WAY too expensive – I need to make this kind of money before I can spend this kind of money to grow my business

When I first started my business, I would avoid spending $20 on an online course because I felt I didn’t “NEED” it. 

In fact, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that my husband actually bought me the domain name for this blog because dropping $200 on an online site felt like too much of a commitment to something that wasn’t “guaranteed” to create results.

(I had so many limiting beliefs about my ability to succeed in creating the life of my dreams – something my coach helped me work through so that I could actually create those multiple 5 figure months on repeat!)

Scarcity thinking about money kept me thinking it was irresponsible to invest money I hadn’t made yet.

The irony is I spent $28K on a university education without batting an eye. I took out a $200K loan to get a house without thinking anything of it. As for countless others, and perhaps you too, “society approved” debt was okay… But when it came time to invest in a business – suddenly it was “too risky.” 

The internal narrative you’re carrying around investing in your business could be the very thing that’s keeping you from the level of success you want to achieve.

When I finally broke through that barrier and invested $12K in my business coach, I made it back 3X in one month alone. 

The return you see on your investment in coaching makes it the MOST logical thing you can do if you’re serious about creating wild results in your business.

Coaching allows you to get out of your own way, stop making the same mistakes you’ve always made, and quantum leap your success to levels that make no logical sense.

If you’re hesitating because of the investment, ask yourself “if I felt confident this would help me get where I want to go faster, how would that change my decision?”

grow your business, online business tips, how to grow your business, how to quantum leap your business 30X, how to grow your side hustle and quit your 9 to 5, what is coaching, why should I hire a business coach, why isn't my business growing

Is this REALLY gonna be the difference maker that grows my business – or is it not really going to change a thing?


Coaching is NOT the thing that’s going to make the biggest difference in growing your business.


But by backing your commitment to your dream with an investment in yourself / your business, you show yourself just how damn serious you are about making this work and that allows you to show up COMPLETELY differently in your business.

This is EXACTLY how I was able to hit my first 5 figure mark THE DAY AFTER I invested in a coach.

Call it woo, but that energetic commitment is 100% necessary to show the Universe you are f*ing serious about this.

When I first started my business, I was only half trying to succeed (if we’re being honest here).

The other half of the time I spent doubting it was ever going to work, wondering if I had what it takes, and questioning whether it was the right decision.

As soon as I decided “to hell with Plan B, I’m going all in” and invested in my business coach, my energy TRANSFORMED.

I unleashed the badass entrepreneur I had inside me all along, took the f*ing reigns and created WILD business success.

Within 16 weeks of investing in my business, I made $40K.

So, if you’re playing small, constantly wondering whether you’re really going to follow through with this plan, and half-*ssing your effort – back yourself with an investment that stretches you out of your comfort zone and forces you to believe in your ability to do this.

Coaching is single handedly THE best investment you can make in yourself / your business when you’re ready to create record breaking income months on repeat.

If you’re not there yet, that is okay too. 

But if you’re feeling the pull, and you’re just scared, don’t let fear hold you back.

The one thing I wish I had done earlier in my own entrepreneurship journey was to invest in my own coach so that I could receive high level of 1:1 support and….

  • Stop being a baby and blaming my circumstances for why my business was slow to take off
  • Overcome the limiting beliefs I had around money, success, self worth, that kept me stuck in patterns of self sabotage
  • Start showing up like the bad*ss I knew I was and creating a life and business I was wildly passionate about
  • Quit my day job way sooner and live life on MY terms
  • Grow my business 30x and create multiple 5 figure months on repeat
  • Feel confident and clear in my business week after week
  • Create unbelievable freedom for myself and my family 
  • Work from my couch doing what I LOVE with people I am excited to spend time with
  • Take every afternoon and regular 3 day weekends to play with my kids
  • And a whole host of other things

If you’re ready to take your life and business to the next level, I’d love to support you. 

Book in a time to chat about what it could look like for us to work together – your 30 min Confidence & Clarity Call is on the house!

By the way, there’s nothing I love more than supporting you with figuring out what you want in life and making it happen. If you’d like to receive weekly tips and strategies for building a thriving business and living a fulfilling life, join our intimate email community by signing up below

You’ll get access to many resources exclusively for members, helping you define, plan for, and achieve your biggest business and personal goals.

You’ll walk away knowing whether coaching is the right next step for you and whether we’re a good fit for working together.

You’ve got nothing to lose so if you’re feeling that curiosity spark, book in a time to chat now.

And I’d love to know so comment below, when have you made an investment in the past that felt ridiculous at the time and proved to be insanely valuable in hindsight?

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