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The Power OF Positive Speaking4 min read

Today, you will learn how to change your emotional state and harness the power to achieve anything by being intentional with your own words. The words you think and speak have great power over your life. Learn how to harness the power of positive speaking to create success, happiness, and fulfillment in your life, instead of allowing self sabotage.

If I asked you today how you are doing, how would you answer?

  • Would your shoulders slump?
  • Would you drop your gaze?
  • Would you say ‘I’m fine’ in a low tone?

Or would you shoot a beaming smile at me, look me straight in the eyes, raise your eyebrows a bit, and with your shoulders pulled back yell FANTASTIC!?

I do the latter, every. Single. Day. 

How does positive speaking affect My life?

Choosing to say I am FANTASTIC immediately changes my physiological and emotional state, even if I was actually feeling rather blah in the few minutes beforehand. 

I have programmed my body to feel AMAZING any time I say that word, and therefore I can use it to actively change how I feel in a split second!

When I feel amazing, I can create amazing results in my life. I can do the difficult tasks at work. I can get myself to the gym. I can make difficult decisions. I have energy to show up for my life and do my very best. This energy generates a different kind of action and creates exceptional results.

How do I start speaking positively?

First, take the time to notice the words you choose to use on a regular basis.

If your words include

  • I’m fine
  • I’m overwhelmed
  • I’m pissed off
  • I’m freaking out
  • I can’t 
  • I’ll try
  • It’s the worst
  • What the f*
  • It’s not fair

You are inducing a negative emotional state in yourself. In this state, you can’t operate at peak performance levels and the quality of your life WILL suffer.

I want you to catch yourself using those words and stop mid-sentence to replace those words with ones that make you feel great. If you don’t, your subconscious will take all of this information in, and whether you’re aware of it or not, your results in life will be of the same quality as your thoughts and words.

Think about it. If I repeat to myself “I’M OVERWHELMED. I’M OVERWHELMED. OH MY GOD I’M SO BUSY I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.” I will in fact feel overwhelmed. Even if I was not feeling overwhelmed a minute ago, just saying those words made my chest contract and my breathing get shallow and my mind start to spin. Try it for yourself.

Then, select positive words that you can use to replace your go-to negative thoughts.

In this example, you can replace “I’m so overwhelmed” with “I’m juggling a lot of balls right now because I am blessed with so many amazing opportunities.” This, repeated consistently, will establish a completely different emotional state in you.

Finally, ask your friends, family, and colleagues to call you out on your negative language.

It can be challenging to notice our own language patterns. Assigning that duty to someone else will create more awareness and make it easier for you to change your language.

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You can call it woo-woo energy crap. Or you can acknowledge the fact that every single mega-successful person in this world is conscious of how they use their words. Whether you’re speaking with Dean Graziosi, or Tony Robbins, or Dave Asprey, you will hear the same advice across all successful people: be intentional with your words, they can change your life.

So as you head out into the world today, be conscious of the way you speak and actively choose to feel amazing every day.

Your life will start to change immediately.

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What words do you use more frequently than you’d like? What will you be replacing them with? Let us know in the comments below!

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