I have an existing business – is this still a good fit?

If you already know your niche and you’ve worked with clients (either paid or pro bono), that’s fantastic! This program will help you anchor even more powerfully into your vision and purpose, overcome mindset blocks or self sabotaging patterns of behavior that are still lingering, provide a great refresh of business foundations and fill in any gaps you have in your current business model by giving you tools and resources you may not have implemented yet, empower you with the confidence to continue growing, surround you with incredible women that are on a similar journey, and allow you to stand in your power and sign more clients with more ease. This is also a great program for someone who’s created success, but wants to pivot directions in their business. However, if you’re hitting consistent $5K months and you’re looking to scale to 6 figures and beyond, I have another offering that’s likely a better fit. Let’s touch base and explore options.