Mindset & Strategy Intensive Sessions

The high level coaching you need to help close the gap between your business today and your vision 6 months from now

does this sound familiar?

Running a business on your own can sometimes trap you in an endless loop of overthinking. 

No matter how many books you read, goals you set, or team members you have to support you, the weight of everything falling on your shoulders can be overwhelming. 

You’re responsible for pretty much everything, and you want someone to help you unpack all the noise so you can focus and move forward with clarity and confidence.

Let me help you with the mental load of building & growing a business.

I’m Ana McRae, an entrepreneur coach & expert at strategizing business growth while simultaneously helping you overcome the mental blocks that pop up in pursuit of that growth. 

The Mindset & Strategy Intensive is the support you need to

  • Clarify your vision and goals & feel really freakin’ excited about where you’re going
  • Know what challenges & opportunities are most important to focus on right now to get you to there
  • Map out the projects & actions to prioritize over the next 90 days so that you have a clear plan of action to move forward
  • Work through the biggest mindset blocks that are slowing down your success
  • Feel next-level clarity & unwavering confidence so you can make more money and do it in a way that feels good

1. You can expect an hour and a half of deep coaching & powerful strategizing. We will dive right in, work through the challenges coming up for you, and map out the path to your next level.

2. You can expect to have tangible takeaways. You’ll be able to record the session so that you can come back to it again and again. I’ll also send you a pdf of notes and specific to-dos after the session so that you can start implementing them immediately.

3. You can expect me to come prepared. You’ll be sent a questionnaire in advance of the session to ensure we’re both focused and prepared for the intensive so we can dive right in and not waste any time.

4. You can expect to feel crystal clear & excited AF about your future. The #1 piece of feedback I get is how energizing & clarifying these sessions are. You can expect to ditch the brain fog & overwhelm you’re experiencing and walk away with new energy & clarity in your business.

This is for you if

  • You’re Anywhere in Your Business Journey: The focus of the conversation will be specific to your business & the stage you’re at – whether that’s brand spankin’ new or you’ve been raking in the dough for years.
  • You’re Stuck Inside Your Own Head: You’re the only one at the top of your business and you’re craving that high level strategic support & a thought partner to help you untangle the ball of spaghetti and turn the brain fog into clarity.
  • You Have Ambitious Goals but feel disconnected from achieving them – you’re doing all the things but somehow you’re still in the same place you were a few months ago, and you’re not quite sure what needs to change..
  • You’re Curious About Coaching: You want the support of a coach but are not ready for a long-term container – a standalone session will help you create the breakthrough you need to keep moving forward in your business.

Session Focus

The Mindset & Strategy Intensive is focused on whatever is most pressing in your business right now (which we identify ahead of the session). While there’s not a ‘list’ of options you have to stick to if you’re wondering what others have brought to this session in the past, here are a few topic that often come up:

Vision & Business Model Adjustment

Plugging along but not really clear on what’s next for you? Let’s get really specific on what you’re actually working toward (including specific financial goals, real core values, your ideal day, etc.) and how your business needs to be set up to support that vision (including the team structure, process improvements, and systems you need to get you there).

Marketing & Sales Strategy Optimization

Want to book out your services but not sure where to focus? Let’s define the right marketing strategy to suit your strengths & niche and break down exactly how to start implementing it with ease. We can get into the nitty gritty of which platform to focus on, how to go deeper with what’s working, and what your content plan will be so you can start bringing in more sales right away.

A Roadmap to Scaling

Business is doing fine, but you know there’s a whole ‘nother level you want to play at? Let’s pinpoint the gaps preventing you from growing beyond your current revenue level & define the strategic changes you need to make to be well positioned for exponential growth.

Refined Messaging & Niche Focus

Kinda forget who you help and what you help them do? As your business evolves, so does your messaging! Let’s define the message that will resonate with your specific niche so that you can generate more leads and higher conversions.

Overcoming Mindset Blocks

Tired of getting in your own way? Whether you’re feeling resistance to delegating, or getting more visible on social media, or selling your services… Let’s work through whatever beliefs are currently holding you back from moving forward so that you can walk away with unwavering confidence and create big results.

Planning for Significant Life/Business Changes

Whether you want to position your business to be self sufficient while you travel for 6 months or go out on maternity leave, we can determine the shifts you need to make to set your business up for success during a big change.

This is just a limited number of examples of what this session can be about. The point is, we’re going to dive deep into whatever is getting in your way right now so that you can overcome the hurdles and achieve your goals.



After purchasing, you’ll receive a welcome email with your pre-session questionnaire and a link to schedule your session!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Having a high level thought partner to get strategic with is valuable whether you haven’t had a single client or are earning multiple six figures a year.

While ongoing coaching is not included as part of the intensive, I’m always happy to answer a quick email to clarify anything we covered on our call in the days following our session.

Perfect timing! If you’re overwhelmed and unsure where to begin, the pre-session questionnaire will help us pinpoint what we need to talk about based on what you’re sharing & the intensive will give you the clarity you’re missing.